Azadeh Shladovsky & Ani Kasten

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Azadeh Shladovsky and Ani Kasten were brought together by their mutual admiration for each other’s process and work. Their bicoastal collaboration began in 2013 as a dialogue on material expression as a portal to sensory awareness. While both are known for their powerful gestures of form, the convergence of their individual processes into a singular, concordant narrative became the catalyst for INTERSECTIONS.


In INTERSECTIONS, Azadeh and Ani’s marriage of forms and materials creates a new vocabulary that expands traditional notions of art, object and light. The poetic fluency of clay, porcelain, brass and wood simplifies the perception of the whole, while still respecting the distinct command of each independent element. The object therefore, broadens our perception of material relevance and creates a gestalt effect, in much the same way as Aristotle’s pronouncement, ‘The whole is greater that the sum of its parts’.