Azadeh Shladovsky celebrates an unrestrained approach to artistic self-expression, a philosophy which has led her to develop and evolve (since 2003), a studio practice that represents and reflects a seamless confluence of art, design and architecture. Azadeh approaches her creative life with a singular focus: to harness the beauty, energy and contradictions that are found in nature and translate this into material and spatial expressions that challenge the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Questioning perception is the central premise of Shladovsky’s aesthetic narrative. Azadeh’s deft manipulation of juxtaposition challenges perception of form, object and space, resulting in powerful visual and sensory expressions that defy categorization. Azadeh’s unyielding commitment to process fosters a highly collaborative studio ethos. Her synergetic aim fosters a distinctive and integrative experience for her clients and serves as a fountainhead for collaborations with other artists. Her keen eye and unrestricted capacity enable her to translate visual details into meaningful moments that reveal a character, depth and range that is uniquely hers.

Her passion for, and prolific execution of, thoughtful and thought-provoking work has garnered her a long list of accolades from leading publications which include The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, New York Times Magazine, The Robb Report, Architectural Digest, and Elle Décor, among many others.