Azadeh Shladovsky


October 22, 2022

This exhibit was part of a broader effort by the Barnsdall Park Foundation and the City of LA to revitalize the Park’s historic olive grove, established in 1890 and an essential part of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original vision for the property. Preserving the existing trees and propagating new, healthy olive trees into the campus's landscape is an essential step in preserving this historically significant grove that is an essential contributor to this cultural resource and LA’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Barnsdall Art Park is a vital breathing pore for the densely built East Hollywood area. The revitalized and expanded olive grove will improve the local environment, support the region’s wildlife ecosystem, and enhance a beloved landscape that is crucial to the health and wellbeing of the community. The olive grove initiative will add new fruiting olive trees within the 130-year-old grove while also contributing to the City of Los Angeles's goal to plant 90,000 new trees as part of L.A.'s Green New Deal.  

Luis de Jesus Gallery (L-R: Emily Sudd, Patrick Walsh, Sarah Watlington, Rosha Yaghmai, Kelly Akashi,Galia Linn)

Luis de Jesus Gallery (L-R: Galia Linn, Sevag Pakradouni, Kasey Toomey, Spencer Nikosey, Azadeh Shladovsky)
Luis de Jesus Gallery (L-R: Tanya Aguiniga,Aili Schmeltz, Brendan Raven

"DOOWYLLOH " is a critique on the culture of perception in Los Angeles. While the work focuses on the disparity between reality (substance) and illusion (facade), it also seeks to reverse the optics of our cultural identity...While Los Angeles prides itself on reinvention and mutability, that vision is quickly becoming outdated and unsustainable economically and environmentally. Investments in preservation and restoration should be the new vision of our community and city. Olive trees, known for their resilience and long life time, manifest the perfect symbol for this new vision of our city. This exhibition could not be more timely given the existential threats to our environment and human experience; I am proud to live in a city that is willing to fight for nature and the gift of art that is born from it."