Azadeh Shladovsky

Fractured Yes, Broken No.

October 22, 2022

The Fractured Series was created in quarantine and handmade by my local family of artisans. Fractured highlights the illusions of stability and integrity in our society while revealing deep fractures in the underlying framework. Once fractures become transparent, citizens have an opportunity to demand and create change. We have been fortunate to see a groundswell of people and organizations rise to the challenges that these fractures have created.

To support the efforts of our community leaders, the studio is donating 100% of profits (through the end of the year) from the sale of this series, all numbered and signed, to three local organizations working to address the fractures in food security, housing and healthcare.

We could not be more proud to support the important work of:

  • St.John's Well Child & Family Center: 19 locations-mostly in South Central LA- providing care to all patients regardless of immigration and socio-economic status.
  • SUPRMARKT: Providing 100% organic produce and aiming to shatter long-standing barriers to health in low income communities by making organic food accessible to all.
  • My Friend's Place: Assisting and inspiring 1,400 homeless youth (many aged out of foster care) annually in Hollywood between the ages of 12-25 to build self-sufficient lives