Azadeh Shladovsky

Bonsai and Quarantine

June 10, 2020

Though I have been lucky enough to maintain my daily studio practice, the bookends of my days are now occupied by my bonsai. Immersing myself into this daily practice has given me so much...I have learned that though I cannot control the chaos in the world outside, I can nurture this world inside. In thinking about an uncertain future, I am consoled by nature's cycle and its resilience to environmental conditions. Focusing on the plants and their simple needs has reinforced the simplicity of my own needs and the power in practicing gratitude for what we do have (namely, our health). This new daily ritual has become a meditation in awareness that has grounded me during a time that could have easily resulted in a wave of negativity. I know that long after quarantine, my bonsai rituals will continue to guide me through life.